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We at Master Management Pvt. Ltd look forward to working in synergy with the existing operators in the market. We feel that joining hands in some of the more difficult geographies and locations shall give us a competitive edge and open up new horizons for our business. In order for us to achieve that, it would require of us to share our expertise and knowledge with our clients. This shall help us open up new window of opportunities in the field of retail space management weather it’s re-starting of an existing operating lease, setting-up of a lease and retail space or even making use of an existing space to expand and / or improve .

Working with “exclusive "partnerships is in our belief the best practice in this fast moving aviation world. We are always open to joining hands for healthy business opportunities and partnerships.

  Existing Partnerships  
  We have an understanding with Lagardere (Travel Retail) in providing technical and design services for setting up new retails sites and other business at new and upcoming airports in Pakistan.