Multi Tech


Due to high volume and types of work, the management of M/s. Master Management decided to divide its different fields/divisions in different companies. Therefore, the former Janitorial Division of M/s. Master Management has been converted into a full-fledge firm under the name and style of M/s. Master Multi-Tech.

The experience, staff, means, funds and resources of Janitorial Division of M/s. Master Management had been transferred to its sister concern i.e. M/s. Master Multi-Tech w.e.f. December 2004.

Following are the basic information of the firm:

We can be contacted at the following address and phone numbers or by using the form below

M/s Master Multi-tech


701, 7th Floor, Marine Faisal, 10-A, Block – 6, PECHS, Nursery, Karachi.

Tel No.9221-34383886, 34371222 Fax No. 9221-34544675

email: mastermultitech@masterpk.com

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